Getting organized for the new year

I love to be organized, but it does not always come easy for me.  Here is a great organizational tool I use daily to keep all my websites categorized and organized. Symbaloo is a visual social bookmarking tool that saves me time and keeps me organized.  I have created several symbaloo webmixes such as: great educator websites, school district sites, dissertation resources, and professional learning (I recently started creating a webmix for the  conferences and meetings I attend).  In the past, I have collected tools at meetings only to forget where I put them. Now, I add them in my symbaloo while I am attending the meeting and Viola! I have the resources at my fingertips!  

Symbaloos are also searchable.  Educators can search for symbaloos that are already created and full of great resources, saving precious time.  Some educators create symbaloos for their classroom so students can quickly find sites with one click!  Symbaloo is also available as a mobile device app and is great for iPad users.

Here is an informational  Symbaloo tutorial specifically for educators:


Happy organizing!